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Let us be as unique as you are!


As the creator of “Eternally Merry®” my objective to create urns came to me after experiencing the loss of a loved one that I held very dear to my heart.  I knew this person was leaving me, and I thought that I was prepared; after all she was 108 years old! But I wasn’t. The process of grieving is one of the most difficult things

that I think a person can go through no matter how prepared you are. This wonderful lady was my grandmother-in-law.  The only preparations that she expressed was where she wanted her funeral to take place and a certain song to be played. The most that I could do to help was to be there as support for our family.  I drove them to different places, such as the funeral home, the burial site, the florist and elsewhere, but mostly I tried to calm the frustrated emotions that came with choosing and deciding something so intimate and personal.  They wanted nothing but the best for their “Mama” but each person had different ideas of what was best. So who ultimately decides?


I hope that you can make these choices for not only you but most importantly for your family.  Don’t wait and let them make these decisions.  


I have created some urns that I feel can express the women in us: the fun, happy, loving creatures that we all are.  The “Purse Urn”.   We love our purses!  I am utilizing mine already.  I have placed silk flowers in it, I have tried it as a makeup bag on my vanity, and I have actually used it as a purse!  But most importantly it will serve its ultimate purpose as my urn and alleviate the decision of my family during the most grief stricken time of their lives.  


So take a look, choose one that expresses your personality, or write me and let me know what you may like.  Let it be as unique as you are!



Merry M. Hampton, Creator

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